In addition to representing clients in and out of court in civil and criminal matters since 1968, the Cetti Law Firm offers mediation services to other attorneys and individuals who are having difficulty in resolving disputes. Mediation is an increasingly popular method of resolving disputes in which the mediator does not make decisions but, instead, helps guide the parties to make an agreement (usually to be written up in a court order) which resolves the pending dispute. The mediator's hourly fee is typically split between the parties equally and is paid immediately at the end of the mediation session. However, whether the fee is to be split, as is usually the case, or shared in some other way, is a matter that can be negotiated between the parties BEFORE the mediation is scheduled. It is preferable that each party be represented by their own attorney at the time of the mediation because mediated agreements made without the presence of the attorneys of the parties are usually made subject to the approval of counsel. Where parties mediate without each having their own attorney, the mediator is disqualified from thereafter representing any party on the same subject matter against any other party to the mediation.

William E. Cetti is a 1968 Mercer Law School Graduate who has been a member of the Georgia Bar Association since 1968 and frequently knows the attorneys representing the parties to a  mediation.  However, this knowledge in no way affects his impartiality.

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